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Sebastian Marella and Antonia Mangubat

Sebastian Marella
(The original oil portrait in the de Leon ancestral house in Calaca, Batangas cannot be located) 

The union of Sebastian Marella and Antonia Mangubat produced the following descendants:
  1. Vicente
  2. Paula
  3. Juan
  4. Filomena, the 4th child
  5. Ramona, the youngest
1. Vicente Mangubat Marella married Gertrudis Legaspi and had the following children:
    1a.1 Isais Legaspi Marella (1851-1916)
    1a.2 Mariano Legaspi Marella married Agueda Encarnacion
    1a.3a Josefa Legaspi Marella married Isabelo Villavicencio
    Born out of the union of Josefa and Isabelo were:
    1a.3a.1 Jose married to Vicenta Villavicencio
    1a.3a.2 Trinidad Villavicencio buried at Lemery Cemetery
    1a.3a.3 Manuel Villavicencio married Felisa Atienza
    Born out of the union of Manuel and Felisa were:
    1a.3a.3.1 Irma Villavicencio married a Martinez
    1a.3a.3.2 Pepita Villavicencio
    1a.3a.3.3 Milagros "Ging" married a Francisco
    1a.3a.3.4 Pepito Villavicencio
    1a.3a.3.5 Celso Villavicencio

    1a.3b Josefa Marella became a widow and then married Agaton Orosa.
    Born out of the union of Josefa and Agaton Buno Orosa were:
    (View the Orosa Website at to find out more about this family.)

    1a.3b.1 Sophia Marella Orosa married Jose Macatangay
    1a.3b.2 Vicente Marella Orosa, Sr. married to a Banaag
    1a.3b.3 Mariano Orosa married Irene Calayag Gonzalez, then Gloria Punzalan
    Born out of the union of Mariano Orosa and Irene Gonzales were:
    1a.3b.3a.1 Milagros "Milagring" Gonzales Orosa married to Jose Cabrera Aliling
    1a.3b.3a.2 Lilia Gonzales Orosa
    1a.3b.3a.3 Reynaldo Orosa married Lourdes Encarnacion Goco, then Melecia Eslera
    1a.3b.3a.4 Carolina Gonzales Orosa married Romeo Lucero Sarenas

     Born out of the union of Mariano Orosa and Gloria Punzalan were:
     1a.3b.3b.1 Cesar Jose Punzalan Orosa married Mary Saldana
     1a.3b.3b.2 Danilo Punzalan Orosa married Lydia Ramirez
     1a.3b.3b.3 Eden Punzalan Orosa married Robert Vincent Kelemen
     1a.4 Gliceria Legaspi Marella (1852-1929) married Eulalio Villavicencio (1842-1898).
     Born out of the union of Gliceria and Eulalio were:
   1a.4.1 Mariquita Marella Villavicencio (1879-1950) married Gregorio Agoncillo (1877-1963)
     1a.4.2 Vicenta (1881-1971) married Captain Jose Villavicencio(1879-1924)
     1a.4.3 Jose Villavicencio (1883-1958) married Micaela Atienza (1888-1951)
     1a.4.4 Rita Villavicencio(1885-1960) married Senator Vicente Ilustre(1869-1928)
     1a.4.5 Sixto Villavicencio(1887-1968) married Delfina Huerto Ilagan (1894-1943)
     1a.4.6 Dr. Antonio Villavicencio died in New York at the age of 25 years old.(1894-1920)
     For more information about Antonio, click here . 
     (Note: Correct DOB is Feb 7, 1894 and not Feb 18, 1895)

Circa 1915
Front: Rita V. Ilustre, Vicenta, Gliceria Marella Villavicencio, Dr. Antonio Villavicencio
Standing: Sixto, Senator Vicente Ilustre, Micaela Atienza Villavicencio, Jose "Pepe" Villavicencio
      Born out of the union of Mariquita Villavicencio and Gregorio Agoncillo were:
      1a.4.1.1 Micaela Villavicencio Agoncillo (1909-1924)
      1a.4.1.2 Corazon Villavicencio Agoncillo (1912-1994)

      Born out of the union of Vicenta and Captain Jose Villavicencio were:
      1a.4.2.1 Lilia Villavicencio (1914-1919)
      1a.4.2.2 Monserrat Villavicencio (1915-2012)
      1a.4.2.3 Francisco "Popo" Villavicencio (1916-2010)
      1a.4.2.4 Rosario Villavicencio (1922)
      1a.4.2.5 Natividad Villavicencio (1923-1996)

      Sixto Marella Villavicencio's union with Felisa Legaspi:
      1a.4.5.1 Rafael Villavicencio (1913-1988) married to Luz Villanueva (1920-1984)

      Sixto Marella Villavicencio had the following children with Delfina Ilagan:
      1a.4.5.1 Horacio Villavicencio (1913-1940) married Raquel del Castillo
      1a.4.5.2 Edgardo Ilagan Villavicencio(1915-1995) married Pacita Fajardo(1914-2013)
      1a.4.5.3 Liwayway Villavicencio(1917-1966) married Eduardo Jacinto (1919-1979)
      1a.4.5.4 Marina Ilagan Villavicencio(1920) married Francisco Erana (1920-1987)
      1a.4.5.5 Ligaya Ilagan Villavicencio
      1a.4.5.6 Sincera "Iray" Ilagan Villavicencio (1923 - 2013)
      1a.4.5.7 Corazon Ilagan Villavicencio married Mariano Sto. Domingo 
      1a.4.5.8 Sixto Ilagan Villavicencio, Jr. (1927-2013) married Teresita Vargas (1928-1974)
Vicente Marella's union with Emerciana Brotonel produced the following children:
      1b.1 Pedro Brotonel Marella married to Maria Encarnacion.
      (Note: listed a Pedro Marella born in 1900 to Pedro Marella and Maria Encarnacion. ??  He married Vicenta Villarba (1903) ??on Nov 6, 1921 in Tondo.)
      1b.2 Julia Brotonel Marella
      1b.3 Vicente Brotonel Marella
      (Note: listed a certain Vicente Marella who died on June 22, 1918.
                 It is unconfirmed whether this is Vicente Brotonel Marella.)
      1b.4 Jose Brotonel Marella
      (Note: listed a certain Jose Marella born in 1881 and died Oct 30, 1911.
                  It is unconfirmed whether this is Jose Brotonel Marella.)

 Vicente Marella's union with Francisca Brotonel produced the following children:
      1c.1 Librada Brotonel Marella
      1c.2 Maria Brotonel Marella.
      (Note: listed Maria's father as Vicente & her mother as Francisca Brotonel. She was born in 1893 and was married to Agaton Banaag (1893) on Jan 1, 1928 in Taal, Batangas. Agaton was born to Santos Banaag and Angela Inumerable.)
      1c.3 Julio Brotonel Marella married Gregoria Petate and had a daughter:
      1c.3.1 Maring Marella Ocampo.

2. Paula Mangubat Marella married Cecilio Noble.

3. Juan Mangubat Marella married Macaria Eugenio. Born of this union were:
    3.1 Antonio Juan Marella - Baptized on 18 February 1882 and resided in San Bartolome, Malabon. (Source:
    3.2 Virgilia Marella (1888-1946) married Anastacio Beliran Bantillo and had 8 children namely:
     3.2.1 Anastacio, Jr. killed in action in Lingayen Gulf, P.I. on aircraft carrier "USS Kwajelein" on Jan 23, 1945.
     3.2.2 Anthony died of pneumonia at age 2.
     3.2.3 Angelina
     3.2.4 Alice
     3.2.5 Norma
     3.2.6 Leatrice
     3.2.7 Nancy
     3.2.8 Ernesto.

4. Filomena Mangubat Marella married Mariano Mitra. 
    Born of this union was:
    4.1 Ramon Mitra married Josefa Marino. They had the following children:
    4.1.1 Mariano Mitra married Rosario Molina
    4.1.2 Jose Mitra married Teresita Bilog Sanchez
    4.1.3 Vicente Mitra married Asuncion Araneta
    4.1.4 Ramon Mitra married Salud de Ocampo, then Luz Nicdao
    4.1.5 Araceli Mitra was born in 1905.

    4.1.5a Araceli married VivencioLopez and had 3 children:
    4.1.5a.1 Ricardo
    4.1.5a.2 Norma
    4.1.5a.3 Nilda

    4.1.5b Araceli's second husband was Eduardo Perez and had 2 children:
    4.1.5b.1 Eduardo Jr.
    4.1.5b.2 Irene.

    4.1.5c Araceli's third husband was Steve Gray.

5. Ramona Mangubat Marella married Feliciano de Leon. 
    Born of this union were:
    5.1 Ruperto "Pinong" Marella de Leon who married a certain Lucia and had a child named:
    5.1.1 Natividad (1905) who was married to Lorenzo Vizconde and had 4 offsprings namely: Nemesia Gloria Florencia Iluminada.
    5.2 Maria Marella de Leon
    5.3 Candida de Leon married Timoteo Cabrera Goco and had 5 children.
    (Retrieved from of Vicky Bondoc Cabrera)

    5.3.1 Ramona de Leon Goco who married Tiburcio Ilagan.
    5.3.2 Mariano de Leon Goco married to Consolacion Ramos.
    5.3.3 Vicente de Leon Goco married to Felisa Concepcion.
    5.3.4 Jose de Leon Goco married to Salud Inumerable.
    5.3.5 Rita de Leon Goco married to Tomas Flores Cabrera.

    Born out of the union of Rita Goco and Tomas Cabrera were: Enriqueta Cabrera married to a del Castillo Jesus Goco Cabrera Belen Goco Cabrera Roberto Goco Cabrera Reginaldo Goco Cabrera Reginaldo Goco Cabrera Vicente Goco Cabrera Cesar Goco Cabrera Amanda Alejandra Goco Cabrera
    5.3.5.A Honesto Goco Cabrera married to Mercedes Arceo Claudio
    Born out of the union of Honesto Goco Cabrera and Mercedes Claudio were:
    5.3.5.A.1 Honesto Cabrera, Jr.
    5.3.5.A.2 Ramiro Cabrera
    5.3.5.A.3 Victor Cabrera
    5.3.5.A.4 Noel Cabrera
    5.3.5.A.5 Jaime Cabrera
    5.3.5.A.6 Rosario "Lally" Lopez
    5.3.5.A.7 Efren Ramon Cabrera
    5.3.5.A.8 Enrique Cabrera
    5.3.5.A.9 Alexander Cabrera
    5.3.5.A.A Mario  Cabrera married to Vicky Bondoc


Leatrice Bantillo Perez said...

Juan,son of Sebastian, was the father of my mother, Virgilia Marella who married Anastasio Beliran Bantillo in San Franisco, CA. They had eight children. The second child, Anthony, died of pneumonia at the age of 2. There were 5 girls and 2 boys living until WWII when the oldest son, Anastasio Jr. was killed in action in Lingayen Gulf, P.I. on an aircraft carrier, the USS Kwajelein, Jan. 23, 1945. His name is listed on the pillars under U.S. Navy in the military cemetery in Manila.I am the sixth child, Leatrice Bantillo Perez.

Ed Mitra Pangan/ said...

4.1. Ramon Mitra married Josefa Marino, and they had 5 children: Mariano, Jose, Vicente, Ramon and Araceli.

4.1.1 Mariano Mitra married Rosario Molina
4.1.2 Jose Mitra married Teresita Bilog Sanchez
4.1.3 Vicente Mitra married Asuncion Araneta
4.1.4 Ramon Mitra maried Salud De Ocampo/ Luz Nicdao
4.1.5 Araceli Mitra married Vivencio Lopez/ Eduardo Perez/ Steve Gray